Dip printing

It's a surface decoration of three-dimensional objects that allows ennobling various materials of different shapes and sizes.
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We work with spray coating of any object of small and medium dimensions on different kind of supports.

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Other Services

Coming Soon.

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Futura is a new company, born at the end on 2012. Its main goal is to face new challenges and take action in the market to oercome the known problems of today.
The company gathered various ideas and human resources of excellent quality and dynamism to achieve all the goals that it has setted.
A competent and professional team, able to develop and design the best solution for the enhancement and improvement of the appeal of your products.
Futura has the aim to achieve competitive prices, achieved with the experience and the great spirit of sacrifice typical of the italian craftsmanship.
Working in Italy to sell an original "Made in Italy" product is the primary reason for us, it is a challenge, a pride and, above all, an example for the future generations.