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We can offer the following services for the development and appeal of your products:

dip printing

It's a surface decoration of three-dimensional objects that allows ennobling various materials of different shapes and sizes.
The decoration is done on an object that can be made of plastic, metal, ceramic, etc. ... suitably pretreated by transferring a preprinted drawing on the film. The graphic effects can be various:
Carbon Fibre, Wood (Walnut, Pine, Mahogany and Cherry), Briarwood, Marble, Flower, Fabrics, Leather (Jaguar, Crocodile, Snake, Zebra), Mimetic and more.
The decoration is protected with a clear varnish which has characteristics that are suitable to the final use (Glossy, Opaque, Anti-slip).
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We work with spray coating of any object of small and medium dimensions on different kind of supports and, in particular, on plastic such as ABS.
We have a spray booth of 4x6 meters and a drying oven of the same dimensions.
We can apply, on demand, specific decalcs prior to the finish of the final transparent, so that the decal can not be deformed. Our staff is highly trained to ensure quality and, at the same time, delivery time also very narrow, depending on the availability of raw materials needed.

Other Services

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